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Web development – AAWEB Design & Développement

Get your solution running

Our long experience in web development


HTML5, CSS3 and related tools : Jquery, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, AngularJS, VueJS, MotionJS and others.


We work essentially with PHP (Symfony, Laravel or vanilla PHP) and Java (Spring boot). Other platforms are used as needed.

Server and support

Our hosting services ca manage your web presence. Our support is available all week days.

Over the years, we developed websites and solutions still used today. Our main effort was oriented to the education sector.

Web application setup for various needs to manage students and allow different online tasks: profile management, subscriptions, appliances, exams grades, absence management...

A platform designed for universities to manage PhD students subscriptions, studies, and exams. Used by university staff, teachers and students.

Thousands of graduate students apply every year to access masters courses. The process involve different parties: administrative staff, selection committees and final approval.

Our web application manages the process and provides easy access to everyone involved.

For employers having to manage high numbers of candidacies, government agencies seeking to provide fair and easy access to candidates to apply for jobs, courses or any competitive project, our online custom solutions relieve the early stages of candidacy burdens .

Custom needs deserve special attention and custom solutions. Our agile team can study your needs and design the custom solution that will help you.

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